In the beauty industry, a new detox diet comes and goes according to the trends of the year. Smooth digestion and absorption of nutrients alongside the liver’s efficient processing of toxins is necessary, not just for a healthy immune system but also for how you look. Fruits often help more than any other food, to rejuvenate the skin and body inside out, flushing out the toxins. The less-celebrated cousin of the apple, the pear is said to be loaded with nutrients that can do wonders for the skin.

Gift of Gods:

Homer wrote an epic poem in the 9th century BC called The Odyssey where he mentions the Pear as a “Gift of the Gods”. It was very popular in ancient Greece, especially among women who used it to maintain their looks. In fact, the pear has become a major part of modern Western iconography, with enormous health benefits often unknown to most common folks like us. One of the most important benefits is the fiber intake that every pear provides, which helps us strengthen our immunity system and improve our skin and hair by increasing metabolism.

Loaded with vitamins and nutrients:

The healthiest way to decelerate the effects of aging on your skin and maintain a balance in weight is through a healthy dose of vitamins. Pear is rich in vitamin C – a super-effective antioxidant, vitamin K, and copper. These elements, which are prevalent in white-fleshed fruits, are capable in combating harmful free radicals, thereby protecting our skin cells from damage. It eventually helps in skin toning and keeps the wrinkles at bay. The skin also naturally learns to fight acne and other types of skin infections from the healthy doses of vitamin C, which you get from pears.

Eat and make a mask too!

Be it for dry skin, pears can be beneficial. You can make a paste by smashing a pear with fresh cream and honey and then applying it to the skin. Using this thrice a week as a face mask helps control the over-secretion of sebaceous glands causing the skin to be oily. This paste can also help as a natural scrubber if added to your face pack. The fruit extract acts as a gentle peel for removing dead skin cells present in the superficial layer of your skin and accelerating the turnover of new cells. At the same time, natural humectants help balance the normal water content of the skin and retain natural moisture. This helps in fighting dry and flaky skin. In fact, pear extracts are used in helping make moisturizing lotions. The acidic content in pears also helps in maintaining the moisture contents of our lips and keeping them hydrated. The anti-inflammatory nature naturally helps fight against any irritant, be it an allergic reaction or a bruise. Henceforth, it is also used as a beauty remedy.

Nourishment for hair:

The pear also comes in handy when dealing with hair loss, and dry and frizzy hair. The pear, especially a ripe one contains natural alcohol called ‘glucitol’ or ‘sorbitol’, which feeds the hair roots and nourishes the scalp keeping hair moisturized and healthy. Moreover, the pear is abundant in Vitamin C which helps in reducing dryness by acting as a natural antioxidant and helps keep hair strands conditioned by maintaining the health of hair cells. Even those ugly tangles from frizzy hair can be managed with the help of pears. In fact, in order to restore any lost shine, you can try making a hair mask at home. Mix the extract of one fresh and ripe pear with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. This acts as a great hair revitalizer and can help revive the dullness and frizz, you want to get rid of.

Natural-born curls and colored hair often require a little extra attention. Pear hair packs with pear extracts and soya bean oil can help maintain the curls or shades of your hair. After an hour of applying it evenly to your hair, you can wash it off with a mild shampoo

How to pick and store them

Choose ripe pears from your local supermarket. In India, you get local pears throughout the year because in autumn when the indigenous harvests stop, imported pears come in to help maintain the availability cycle. You must buy firm pears with no dents or holes. Store them in a cool, dark, and dry place, preferably in open baskets.

Best way to eat them

The best way to get maximum benefits from any fruit is to have it raw. You can add it to your salads, use its puree with a little salt and garlic as a dip or topping, make it into a smoothie or have it poached. It has a fluid taste and does magic in almost every recipe you use it.


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