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Eating your food in its most natural form, with minimal processing and without adding any additional ingredients to it, is known as clean eating. This diet promotes the intake of raw and unprocessed food. Doctors around the globe recommend clean eating to recover patients as it causes less strain on the body and speeds up the healing process. Clean eating, minimizes the usage of artificial additives, preservatives, flavoring agents, and sweeteners. Some of the many reasons for adopting clean eating:

​Flavors are intact:

Food in its own natural form is the most flavourful, more nutritious, and definitely tastier. Adding preservatives and processing leads them to lose their natural flavours and even a handful of nutrients

Aids weight loss

Here is some good news for those trying hard to shed those extra kilos. If you are someone who wants to lose weight, then clean eating is the solution for you. Eliminating junk food and opting for nutritious homemade food will make the weight loss journey a cakewalk.

Appropriate nourishment

Clean eating includes nutrient-rich food that nourishes your body and makes your immune system stronger. Clean foods consist of vitamins, minerals and good fat that help in improving heart and brain health.

Clean eating can be extremely beneficial for those with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Stock up on veggies and fruits

Consuming loads and loads of fresh fruits and vegetables is the very first step. Your daily diet should consist of a colorful plate of bright veggies, green leaves, and fruits. Try to eat at least 2-3 different fruits and vegetables during the day. Opt for colorful produce, especially those which can be in season. You can saute, steam, shallow fry, roast or even bake the veggies, which fruits can be had as salad, smoothies, etc.

Include healthy fats in the diet

Cutting out fats completely can harm your body in a number of ways. Clean eating doesn’t mean you eliminate fats completely from your diet. Instead, include healthy fats in your daily diet to suffice for your body’s needs. They can be found in foods like fatty fish, eggs, walnuts and grass-fed meat.

Hydrate yourself


Drinking plenty of water and intake of fluids is a part of every healthy diet. But, a foundational habit to clean eating is to drink water and only water rather than any other liquid. Drinking enough water will not only keep a check on your weight but will also prevent binge-eating of any kind.

Increase protein intake



Protein helps your body by providing it with long-lasting energy. Protein even helps in curbing sugar cravings and keeps you full for a longer period of time. Nuts, seeds, beans, eggs, fish, and chicken are some sources of protein that you should include in your clean eating diet.