Southern Chicken Salad Recipe

Southern Chicken Salad Recipe

Southern Chicken Salad Recipe

Follow these bit by bit, directions for making our good old, custom made Chicken Salad formula. We’re making it without any preparation, how we use to make it, and you’ll think that it’s pretty basic and straightforward to do. It’s genuine southern cooking most loved that makes an incredible sandwich for a quick and simple supper. 

Southern Chicken Salad Recipe

Maitreyee Biswas
So, I do hope you'll give our recipe for Southern Chicken Salad Recipe a try. There are a ton of recipes for making it all over the internet with all types of variations.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 15 mins
Cuisine American
Servings 8 people


  • 4 cups cooked chicken 
  • 1 cup Celery, minced 
  • ½ cup Mayonnaise 
  • ¼ cup SweetPickle Relish 
  • 1 teaspoon Mustard
  • 1 Boiled Egg, hacked fine
  • ½ cup Onion, minced 
  • ¼ teaspoon Salt 
  • ¼ teaspoon Black Pepper 
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar,discretionary 


  • Hackchicken as wanted and a spot in a medium-size blending bowl. 
  • Wash celery stems under cold water, cleave fine. 
  • Add cleaved celery to the blending bowl. 
  • Add the cleaved onions.
  • Add sweet pickle relish. 
  • Add mayonnaise. 
  • Add a little sugar whenever wanted.
  • Add salt. 
  • Add dark pepper. 
  • Add Mustard. 
  • Add the cleaved bubbled egg.
  • Mix everything well, cover, and refrigerate for at any rate one-hour preceding serving. 
  • Serve cold, and enjoy it!
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Something I generally needed to see on the dining table was Chicken Salad. It takes a specific position on that oval table practically every Sunday, and I generally appreciated sandwiches the following day, if any of it turned out to be left. 

The Chicken Salad sandwich would be served on toasted bread with a scoop of the meat squeezed in the middle. Our’s chicken salad was somewhat extraordinary. We love to make it utilizing our exceptional sweet pickles and the juice from the pickling container. 

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In this way, I do trust you’ll check our formula for Chicken Salad out. There is a massive load of plans for making it everywhere on the web with a wide range of varieties. We grew up pretty basic. We are providing instructions in the same way I like it, and I trust you will be prepared to begin? At that point. Let’s Get Cooking. 

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Southern Chicken Salad Recipe, ingredients you’ll require. 

You’ll need these ingredients alongside one bubbled egg. 

Southern Chicken Salad, you’ll need some cooked chicken. 

You’ll require some cooked chicken. I covered the entire cycle of bubbling chicken in my Southern Chicken Pastry formula. If you need some more instruction, look at that data here: Southern Chicken Pastry Recipe. I cooked an entire chicken and utilized half to make the cake and the other half for this Chicken Salad. This is likely around four cups of cooked chicken altogether. 

Southern Chicken Salad, cut up the chicken

Cut the chicken up into little pieces. You can make this thick or as subtle as you prefer. You could even heartbeat it a couple of times in your food processor on the off chance you needed. I like it somewhat more along the thick side, so I just hacked it up with a blade. 

Southern Chicken Salad, place the wackjob chicken in a vast blending bowl. 

Spot the wackjob chicken in a vast blending bowl… something with a lot of mixing room.

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Southern Chicken Salad, cut the celery

Wash the celery stem under virus water and cut it into two slight cuts. 

Southern Chicken Salad, mince the celery. 

Cleave the celery up into a little mince size. 

Southern Chicken Salad, add celery to the bowl. 

Spot the celery in the blending bowl with the chicken. 

Southern Chicken Salad, with the onions and pickles 

Dice up the onions and the pickles. If you don’t have sweet pickles, utilize a sweet sort of pickle relish. I additionally pour a portion of the juice from the container into the combination. 

Southern Chicken Salad, add onions and pickles. 

Spot the sweet pickles and the onions in the bowl. 

Southern Chicken Salad, add the mayonnaise 

Add the Dukes Mayonnaise. You should begin simple with the mayo and add all the more later, as you see. It would be best if you had it to get a decent consistency. 

Southern Chicken Salad, add sugar whenever wanted

You could add a little sugar whenever wanted; it relies upon how sweet your relish or pickles may be. Once more, you can generally add this toward the end. Once you get everything combined in it, you choose what else can be added. You’ve presumably heard me state it previously at the same time. I added a little sugar to pretty much all that it appears. 

Southern Chicken Salad, add the salt

Add the Black Pepper. 

Add the Mustard. 

Southern Chicken Salad, dice the bubbled egg. 

Slash up one bubbled egg into tiny pieces. I would never splash each egg in turn, so I have the other one with somewhat salt and pepper while I’m working. 

Southern Chicken Salad, add hacked egg whenever wanted. It’s discretionary. 

Add the bubbled egg. You can cook some of the time without the egg. 

Southern Chicken Salad, mix it well. 

Work everything up great. Presently’s an ideal opportunity to do a trial and check whether you need somewhat more salt, pepper, mayo, or whatever else. It will get slightly more clammy after it’s been in the cooler for a little while. 

Southern Chicken Salad, cover, and refrigerate

Cover this Chicken Salad and refrigerate it for an hour or two before serving. This will permit the flavors to meet up better.

Southern Chicken Salad, serve and appreciate. 

Serve it up and enjoy it! 

Chicken Salad will keep in the refrigerator for a few days whenever covered and appropriately cooled. Serve it as a fundamental dish thing, on a bed of lettuce, or toast up several cuts of bread and appreciate a flavorful Chicken Salad Sandwich. 

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Follow these bit by bit, outlined guidelines for making our good old, natively constructed Chicken Salad formula. We’re making it without any preparation, how mother uses to make it and, you’ll think that it’s pretty straightforward and straightforward to do. It’s genuine southern cooking most loved that makes an excellent sandwich for a fast and simple supper.  


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