Picture Of ‘Dosa Printer’ Goes Viral

  • on August 25, 2022
Picture Of Dosa Printer Goes Viral

Picture Of ‘Dosa Printer’ Goes Viral

We these days got here throughout a picture of ‘dosa printer’ that enables you to get ‘paper’ skinny dosa – pretty literally! Read directly to recognize more.

If your notion you’re achieved with gulab jamun samosa, cola Maggi and chocolate dosa, then we say, there is a whole lot greater left on the platter. That’s right. We are talking approximately unique (read: bizarre) information this is presently doing the rounds on the internet. It is set ‘smart’ kitchen equipment, called ‘dosa printer’. You heard us. We lately got here across a picture of this equipment that enables you to get ‘paper’ skinny dosa – pretty literally! And because the call suggests, the dosa resembles a broadcast A-four length sheet. “An awesome machine…enables me to make flawlessly crisp and healthful dosa to kick-begin my day,” the economic states. This equipment can even assist you in customizing the crispiness and thickness of the dosa. Besides, you could additionally pre-set the number of dosas you need in one go. Take a have a take a observe the picture:

Another character on Twitter commented, “When you are making chatni through yourself while you make sambhar through yourself. When you need to put together dosa liquid through your self then what’s left for this dosa printer, Hot the pan, position a few oils and put together the dosa through yourself. Why waste cash on dosa printer and highly-priced electricity.”
A remark, in addition, read, “Dosa printer! Nothing left to see. Stop by oxygen deliver NOW!”


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