Rise in food prices during Shravan chafes Kolhapur citizens

  • on August 2, 2022
Rise in food prices during Shravan chafes Kolhapur citizens

Rise in food prices during Shravan chafes Kolhapur citizens

KOLHAPUR: With the start of the blessed Hindu month of Shravan, individuals have started noticing diets on each Monday. The costs of food things, including natural products, dry products of the soil, are seeing a sharp ascent. As per dealers, the costs of food items have expanded because of GST, high diesel cost and weighty precipitation

Mahesh Nashte, a broker from the Laxmipuri market in Kolhapur city, said, “The expansion in costs of diesel, weighty precipitation and GST are the principal purposes for expansion in costs of fasting items. The cost of “sabudana” (sago) has expanded by around Rs 5 to Rs 8 and expenses around Rs 68/kilo. Likewise, varai (samo rice) costs around Rs 110/kilo. Rajgira (amaranth seeds), as well, costs around Rs 120/kilo. Just the expense of oil has dropped between Rs 15 and Rs 30.”

Not simply fasting items, the costs of things utilized for love, have likewise expanded. Vandana Kale, an ordinary guest of the sanctuary in Uttareshwar Peth, said, “All the fasting items like Sabudana, Rajgira, Varai, potato wafers as well as dry natural products are seeing a sharp ascent in their costs.

Bananas are costing more than Rs 40/dozen while yams are costing around Rs 50/kilo. Noticing a quick has turned into a heavy illicit relationship now. Indeed, even the costs of camphor have expanded. A parcel of 70 3D squares of camphor costs around Rs 120 to Rs 140 at this point”.

In the meantime, Lord Shiva sanctuaries in the city were swarmed by aficionados on Monday. Rameshwar sanctuary, Vateshwar sanctuary, Uttareshwar Shiva

sanctuary, the old Kopeshwar sanctuary at Khidrapur, Kaneri Math, Aare Shiva sanctuary in Aare town, Ramling sanctuary close to Hatkanangle, and other Shiva sanctuaries across the locale saw the consistent progression of lovers.

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