DiGiorno Just Released a Cinnamon Roll Pizza, Plus Two More Breakfast Pies

  • on April 21, 2022
DiGiorno Just Released a Cinnamon Roll Pizza, Plus Two More Breakfast Pies

DiGiorno Just Released a Cinnamon Roll Pizza, Plus Two More Breakfast Pies

DiGiorno Just Released a Cinnamon Roll Pizza, Plus Two More Breakfast Pies: DiGiorno introduces new Breakfast Croissant Crust Pizzas in three classic breakfast-inspired varieties, including Cinnamon Roll, in the freezer aisle at select retailers nationwide starting this month.


On the off chance that appetizing breakfast pizza is more your speed, there are likewise eggs Benedict or hotdog and sauce choices.

The frozen pizza brand has given a morning twist to its current Croissant Crust Pizza.

Americans love pizza, in any event, for breakfast. Truth be told, a 2019 survey observed that over a portion of those surveyed would prefer to have a virus cut of pizza than their typical breakfast choices. Obviously, you don’t need to eat a cool extra cut: Breakfast pizzas do exist. But then, notwithstanding our affection for a decent pie, breakfast pizza has never appeared to get on as a customary morning choice.

However, the frozen pizza experts at DiGiorno are wanting to carry breakfast pizzas to the shopping for food standard with another line of morning pies. Furthermore, regardless of whether your a.m. sweet tooth can’t stomach eating a flavorful pizza for breakfast, DiGiorno actually takes care of you: One of their new pizzas is propelled by a cinnamon roll! (Instead of a doughnut.)

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Carrying out to stores cross country this month, DiGiorno’s Breakfast Croissant Crust Pizzas are essential for the brand’s Croissant Crust Pizza line — which they sent off last year — however with a morning meal turn. While Croissant Crust Pizza already just accompanied standard garnishes like Four Cheese and Three Meat, the new Breakfast release comes in three assortments: Eggs Benedict Inspired, Sausage and Gravy, and Cinnamon Roll (the last option of which DiGiorno says is their “very first sweet pizza”).

If you’re thinking about how a cinnamon roll pizza isn’t simply a goliath cinnamon roll, indeed, in the event that it’s formed like a pizza, cut like a pizza, and served like a pizza, obviously it’s a pizza, regardless of whether the garnishes sound very un-pizza-like. The bundle depicts this morning meal pie as offering “cinnamon cream sauce, cream cheddar disintegrates, churro pieces, and cinnamon drops on a croissant crust.”

Concerning the other two breakfast pies, the Eggs Benedict Inspired pizza highlights “fried eggs, diced ham, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese with hollandaise style sauce on a croissant outside,” while the Sausage and Gravy assortment has “frankfurter and sauce style sauce, cheese and mozzarella cheese on a croissant hull.”

DiGiorno adds that these pizzas are made with “top-notch fixings like 100% genuine cheddar, confine-free eggs, premium pork frankfurter, and genuine cinnamon.” And in the event you were pondering, the brand says they are “the main croissant-style breakfast pizza accessible broadly in the frozen passageway.”

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